Hello! We’re so glad you’re here. If you’ve made it this far, you were probably in search of some insight into things like self-awareness, emotional intelligence, spirituality, or other things. Maybe you just stumbled across our page. Either way, it’s no accident you found us so we hope you’ll reach out and connect with us. Because that’s what we love to do - connect with people! We’re a queer couple that has had our own fair share of life stuff. And we’re both passionate about helping others move through the tough things, the new things, the unfamiliar things. So we created A Life So Full.

A Life So Full is a personal development brand that focuses on forward movement for a free and full life. We know that sometimes life can leave us feeling stuck and powerless. We’ve been there. So we’re here to share our journey with you, along with the experiences and tools we’ve collected along the way that have helped us embrace our failures, celebrate our victories, and ultimately get unstuck. We, Anika and Adrian, want to support and empower you to create a life you absolutely love, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.


About Anika

Some people know their passion and path from childhood, but I’ve always been more of a hummingbird - trying my hand at many different things. As a teenager, it was singing and acting and dance. In college, it was theology and leadership. In grad school, it was psychology, philanthropy, and ultimately a new take on religion and spirituality. More recently, I’ve gotten into philosophy, entrepreneurship, and home DIY projects. I’m a hummingbird. And being a hummingbird has meant that at times, there’s a lot of self-doubt, insecurity, and generally being unsure about how I fit into a culture of “finding your niche” and “pursuing your purpose". It’s led to a journey of a lot of stuck moments where I felt the pain of the gap between who I knew I could be and who I was in that moment. And now even in this moment, I don’t have one particular thing that I know I’m meant to do. What I do know is that I absolutely love helping and empowering others to find their truth. (And I think I’m pretty good at it!) I love hearing peoples’ stories and asking the questions that will lead them to getting unstuck, moving forward, closing that painful gap, and living a full and free life. So I hope you’ll reach out and connect with us! Just click here.



I like to describe myself as a goofy introvert. I’m fascinated by the idea of growth and self-discovery. For most of my life I’ve felt different from most people - whether it was because I was gay, or nonbinary, or just had an uncommon way of thinking. The process of understanding and learning to love yourself is probably the most worthwhile journey a person can embark on. I’m honored to be able to share my own journey on ALSF.

Some of my favorite things in life are enjoying delicious food, spending time near water (I’m a true cancer), and learning about business and entrepreneurship. Anika and I recently moved from Los Angeles to Kansas City, MO to slow down and focus more on the things that we really value and enjoy.

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