How This Free Numerology Report Changed My Life - Full Review

A few weeks ago, I didn’t even know what numerology was. I’ve always been kind of a skeptic when it came to things claiming to “predict your future” or give you insights into your life from just a few pieces of information. I’d say in the past year or so, though, I’ve been more open to - let’s call them - non-traditional practices and ideas.

The past several months have been pretty stressful for me. I’ve gone through a lot of change including a move across the country, leaving a long-term job, and starting a new relationship. I’ve had to step out of my comfort zone a lot, and all that change had me feeling really uneasy and unsure about life. I wasn’t sure if I was on the right path or totally off course. I was at a party one night talking to a friend about how I was feeling when he asked me if I’d ever heard of numerology. Like I said, at that time I had no clue what that was or how it could possibly help the situation I was in.

He explained the basics of Numerology to me a bit, and encouraged me to try to find a free reading or report online to see if it helped. Well, I did. And I was actually very surprised by what I discovered.

How Could a Free Numerology Reading be Accurate? I Was Truly Skeptical

If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking - there is no way any “ancient system” could help me and be relevant to my life today. I thought the same thing until I did some research and reading on the history of Numerology and how it works.

So, What the Heck is Numerology?

Numerology is the study of numbers and their significance. Nearly everything in this world can be broken up into numbers. Names, dates, times. Kind of like how computers speak in 1’s and 0’s, Numerology seeks to understand the “language” and meaning behind numbers in our world and our relationship to them. This meaning and significance Numerologists assign to different numbers has been studied and observed for centuries. This study has uncovered underlying patterns and pieces of wisdom that aren’t evident unless you are looking for them. With the knowledge of these centuries of study, though, you can gain insights about you as a person, your strengths, weaknesses, whether you’re on the right path in life, and how you can best align with nature and the world around you.

As I read more into it, I realized this study didn’t sound any more crazy than Astrology or Tarot, or similar practices. Plus, Numerology has been used by ancient cultures around the world, from Indians and Mayans to the Greeks. I was still skeptical that it could give me the guidance I needed, but I figured I didn’t have anything to lose by giving it a shot!

Here is the free Numerology calculator I used. I chose this one because it looked legit and includes a personalized video report.

Here’s a link to the  free Numerology video report I used  if you want to try it for yourself.

Here’s a link to the free Numerology video report I used if you want to try it for yourself.


The Numerology Calculator Name and Date of Birth Model - How it Works

When you begin your free Numerology report, there are a few key pieces of information the calculator will ask for. The main things a personal Numerology report will look at are your full given name, and your date of birth. This isn’t some sort of Numerology test that takes an hour to fill out. Literally all you need to do is enter your name and date of birth. Both of these have a significant meaning and impact on your life, and both of these can be calculated into numbers. The calculator I used employs the Pythagorean model. This is just the way letters in the alphabet are assigned a number.

Why Your Full Birth Name?

Numerology specifically calls for the use of your full given name at birth. I honestly didn’t like this at first, because I’m not a fan of my birth name, and go by a totally different name now. I did some reading on why it has to be your birth name, and it started to make some sense. Your birth name represents more than how you present yourself in life now. It represents the ideas and wishes and hopes for you before you were even born (or at least before you began living autonomously). This all has significance in how you were treated, raised, and the energies put out into the world in your earliest days.

Can I Use My Nickname or New Name?

There is a deluxe version of this report that offers a full reading and lots of in depth information that takes into consideration BOTH your given name and your chosen name (they call it your “everyday” name. This was super helpful, because as a non-binary person, my chosen name is so important to me, and it’s really how I present myself to the world today.

If you want to skip the shorter, free version of the report, you can get the full in-depth version here. This is where I was able to get a report using my current name AND given name.

Why Your Birth Date?

Similar to Astrology, a lot of emphasis in Numerology is placed on your birthday and the significance that holds. Your birth date is most notably used to calculate your life path number. The life path number represents the situations and opportunities that you attract throughout your life as a result of your actions. As you can imagine, a date is pretty easy to translate into the number system. The free report also explains how the numbers are added up to get your final number.

While you may be able to calculate and figure out your numbers yourself, the most important part of your Numerology “chart” is the significance behind each number for each calculation. This is why we rely on experts who have studied Numerology thoroughly and understand the vibration of each number.

What Did I Think of The Numerologist Free Video Report?

Numerology Report Results

Once you put in your name and birthday, the calculator does its thing, and then you’re given a personalized video reading. The reading explains how your numbers are added up and then explains the meaning behind each. The video aspect is pretty impressive. It’s all personalized for you, and the narrator even says your name as he’s explaining your results.

Problems I Had With It

As I mentioned before, I didn’t like that it only took into account my birth name (remedied by the full version of the report). The only other part that threw me a little bit was the gender aspect of the video. I get why they ask for your gender (the narrator uses gendered pronouns at one point in the video), but it did make me a little uncomfortable being called a woman when I identify as non-binary. Ultimately, I was able to overlook that little snafu, and get to the meat of why I was there - my results (which I don’t believe are affected at all by the gender you select on the first screen).

Accuracy of Results

I must say, the actual results from the free Numerology report video were frighteningly accurate. The part that first caught my attention was the explanation of my Life Path Number. I got a vibration 7, which is attributed to thinkers and dreamers. As the video explained more, I was astonished at how closely this matched up to me and what I’ve learned about myself and my personality (proud INTJ here).

The second thing that caught my attention was the part about challenges I face and how I can work to overcome them. This REALLY hit on the struggle I was going through and how I was handling the changes I was experiencing. This is what really piqued my interest and got me more into the idea of trying to use Numerology as a tool to better navigate my life (and hopefully get me out of the funk I was in).

The Results of My Full Numerology Report (And How It Changed the Way I’m Living)

The  Deluxe version of the report  comes in PDF form and is very in depth.

The Deluxe version of the report comes in PDF form and is very in depth.

After being thoroughly impressed by my free results, I decided to take the leap and shell out a little cash for the full report. The “Deluxe” Numerology report, as they call it, includes a much more in-depth reading than the free video report. The full report is sent to you in PDF format, and it provides deeper insight into the things discussed in the free video, but also delves into lots of other super interesting things. I’ve included a list of some of the sections it covers below. Each of these topics is explored fully in your report and personalized for your own number results.

Included in my Deluxe Numerology Report:

  • The Secret Meaning of Your Name

  • Your Soul Urge Number

  • Your Personality Number

  • Your Expression Number

  • Your Life Path Number

  • Your Life Path Challenges

  • Your Life Path Cycles

  • Your Pinnacles (1-4)

  • Your Achievement Number

As I said, each of these is expanded on completely. Think of this as someone walking you through your complete personalized Astrological birth chart - and I mean COMPLETE (my full Numerology report is 70 pages). There’s just a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to unpack. The deluxe report also fully explains Numerology, it’s history, how it works, and how you can apply it to your life. It also includes a glossary of terms (very helpful for me as a newbie).

Okay, so what about my full report really changed my life?

Free Numerology Report was The Sign I Was Looking For

For me, the most valuable part of this report is the “Challenges”. The report describes challenges as sort of “bonus points” or “extra credit,” and almost each number includes a counter “challenge number” which carries its own significance. For me, the challenges gave me perspective into what I could do to turn things around and make the most of the situation I found myself in. Yes, I had experienced a lot of drastic change, and yes, it was really challenging and taxing on me physically and mentally. BUT, my Numerology chart really helped me see how I was fighting certain aspects of life unnecessarily. In other words, I had been spending a great deal of energy on things I couldn’t control and didn’t need to worry about. My report results really explained this in a way that was clear and actionable to me. For instance, I’ve begun a new morning ritual that helps me stay in the present and appreciate all the wonderful parts of my life, instead of dwelling on the difficult. Could I have come to similar conclusions without Numerology? Maybe. But, I don’t think that’s really the point. I honestly think, if you are authentically searching for ways to connect deeper with yourself and the universe, you will find it, and Numerology can be a powerful tool in aiding your search.

Do I Recommend You Get Your Own Complete Numerology Report?

Yes, I recommend it if…

  • You feel stuck in life and need some extra guidance on your next steps

  • You are interested in learning about yourself more fully and on a deeper level

  • You are open to non-traditional ideas like Astrology, Law of Attraction, etc.

Are you interested in reading your personalized full Numerology report? Click the free version below, at the end of the short video reading you’ll have the option to purchase the full report. I like this option because the free report gives you a chance to see if you are really interested in learning more about Numerology and how you can use it in your life.

For your full report, enter info into the  free version . You’ll have the option to purchase the Deluxe report at the end. (You’ll want to watch the free video first anyway - it’s really cool)

For your full report, enter info into the free version. You’ll have the option to purchase the Deluxe report at the end. (You’ll want to watch the free video first anyway - it’s really cool)

I recommend making the small investment, because it’s given me some invaluable insights into how I can live better - living in harmony with the patterns and vibrations that emerge in my life, instead of fighting against them. For me, anything I can use to help me live a happier, fuller, and more peaceful life is incredibly valuable. And this guide is something I will be able to keep and refer back to forever, so it’s more than worth the amount I paid for it.


I do believe you have to have some level of openness to new and different ideas to really get the most out of Numerology. Like anything else, if you approach it without an open mind and heart, you will undoubtedly find reasons to try to discredit and disprove it. However, if you are open to new and exciting sources of wisdom, I think you will find the insights into who you are and how you can live your best life to be truly valuable and worth the exploration. I know I did.

No matter how you feel, you might as well put your name and birthday in for the free numerology report video reading. Why not? If you do check it out, please let me know what you thought of your own results in the comments!

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