Have you ever felt stuck? We have. Have you ever felt like your life was not matching up with what you knew it could look like? We have. Have you read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, and done all the meditations hoping that something will just “click” and you’ll finally change your life? Yeah, us, too.

Which is why we created A Life So Full.

We are Adrian and Anika and we have both had periods in our lives where we felt stuck, disconnected, and ultimately burned out from trying so hard to make things happen that just weren’t happening. And then, we both decided to take control and create the life we wanted. Now we’re ready to share with others how to feel better and make moves toward creating their fullest life possible. Ready?

We believe there are three key components that are really important to feeling better and changing your life. They are: Self-Awareness, Emotional Intelligence, and Internal Drive. Each of these attributes is important on its own and together, they are absolutely vital to having the life you crave. Without one of them or if one is underdeveloped, you may find yourself feeling unstable, unproductive, and struggling to manifest your dream life. Here’s a little more detail.

Self-Awareness is really knowing and understanding yourself: the good, the bad, the ugly. It’s coming into awareness of all the little details and intricacies and complexities of your humanity - the things that make you uniquely you. Most importantly, it’s understanding the “why’s” - as in why you think, feel, and behave the way that you do.

Emotional Intelligence (or EQ) is a component of taking your self-awareness to the next level. You can’t control every emotion that comes up, but you can be in control of your perspective and how you respond to emotion both in yourself and in others. EQ is important in every area of life from daily anxieties, to workplace interactions, to intimate and vulnerable conversations.

Internal Drive is the connection between self-motivation and execution. It brings all that self-awareness and emotional intelligence into the light - from conceptual to tangible. It’s the bridge that your ideas take to become real things. It’s the component that helps you discipline yourself to make moves toward creating and living your best life.

We also want to add a note on law of attraction and abundance mindset. Yes, we think these things are real and we do include some of these concepts in our writing and in our courses. We practice LOA and abundance mindset in our own lives. But to be clear, we’re basically teaching the prerequisites to an abundance mindset. We noticed that typical abundance mindset courses don’t include these things, yet they are really important to manifesting and like we mentioned, when one is lacking, the manifesting falls apart.

So are you ready to get unstuck? Are you ready to dive in and make some changes? It’s time to be who know you can be and have the life you really want. Join us.